Welcome to The Two Nutty Squirrels Co., LLC!!!

I use to have crazy bad headaches and took different medications to deal with the headaches but nothing worked. So in 2010 when I was pregnant with my third and finally baby, I decided to go natural with my hair. I stopped using chemicals on my hair and it was not pretty. I used a flat iron to straightened my hair for months and it damaged my hair.

It took me some time but I did the big cut in 2013, I think…memory is a little off on when I did the cut because I did it twice. I looked for different products to help my hair grow without harsh chemicals and it was hard. I also wanted to make sure that my girls never have to use harsh chemicals on their hair or skin. I decided to do some research and make products for my whole family.

First I read up on the benefits of different herbs and oils and how to incorporate them in beauty products. I made shampoos and body wash for myself for months and experimented on myself until I came up with a great combination of ingredients that worked. I shared it with friends and used it on my family. I now make shampoos, body wash and a variety of body creams, hair gels and leave in hair conditioners with no phosphates and no glutens. I also only use organic ingredients in all my products.

I no longer experience massive headaches and I no longer need to be on all those medications. I am also happy to report that the body creams work well on extra dry skin, and individuals with eczema. My babies had a really bad case of eczema but thanks to the body wash and body creams I make, we no longer have that problem.



The Two Nutty Squirrels Co., LLC
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Mondays-Friday 7am-6pm
Saturdays 8am-11pm (mostly for events)

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